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Digital Radiographs

Our office is equipped with the technology of digital radiographs, giving you and us an instant view of your teeth and bony structures underneath! Due to current advancements in digital radiography, these types of xrays provide up to 95% less radiation than the traditional xrays, which means less radiation exposure to you! In fact, your exposure to the sun’s rays provide more radiation than dental xrays!

All necessary steps are taken to ensure your safety, including protective aprons to shield you from any radiation. We will take only necessary xrays, typically as “checkup xrays”, once a year at the time of your cleaning to monitor your existing dental work, or to address any cavity-prone areas. Regular checkups will allow us to catch any problems early on to help you avoid costly treatments down the road! And who wouldn’t be happy about that?


  • 1295 Terrell Mill Road Suite 101 Marietta, GA 30067
  • (770) 952-4152
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